Guidelines & Standards

Contractor Requirements

We prefer that Laudan Contractors have at least one year of experience in property preservation. Contractors are required to have a liability insurance policy with $1,000,000 worth of coverage, and an Aspen Grove number. Contractors need to have the ability to perform basic property preservation work. 


Here are the basic duties involved in property preservation:

Required work skills

  • Assess and repair minor damages — interior/exterior
  • Broken windows — Must bid to board and to re-glaze
  • Debris removal
  • Hazards removal
  • Roof damage — minimum of photos and measurements
  • Clean gutters/downspouts
  • Lawn care
  • Shrubs/trees trimming and removal
  • Pool securing of gates
  • Pool/Spas — Drain, shock, board
  • Boarding doors and windows
  • Handrail installation and repair
  • Lock change
  • Lockbox install
  • Sump pump replacement
  • Mold cleaning with bleach spray — measurements and photos
  • Bidding of projects within the scope
  • Dry and wet Winterizations
  • Sales clean

Laudan Properties® Advantages to a Contractor

Business is stable

We have been growing exponentially over the last few years in a business environment where our competitors are stagnant or losing ground. Laudan also is pleased to have a large portfolio of stable clients many of which have been with us since our founding. We also have several bank direct relationships.

We Value Contractors

We have a contractor advisory board made up of contractors from each one of the states we work in. We meet quarterly and as needed. When changes need to be made, whether they are initiated by a client or internally, we use our advisory board to help us craft our response, policy and practice.

Laudan conducts annual surveys of our extensive contractor network in an effort to get feedback so that we can improve our partnerships in the field. Recently we asked contractors to rate us on a 4 point scale where 98% of our network rated our partnership as good or excellent.


We created a process for onboarding new contractors that is designed to build a strong partnership. Over a 90 day period, the new contractor receives training, coaching and mentoring from their initial recruiter and assigned Contractor Relations Associate. During this time we carefully review the contractors work and provide guided feedback designed to help the contractors be successful in the partnership.

We Aren’t Like the Other Companies

We pay contractors for the work they do every two weeks. We don’t hold contractor’s money until we get paid. If a contractor does the work they get paid whether or not the client pays us. We don’t charge a discount to contractors. We don’t create bogus chargebacks. 

We Come to You

Laudan regularly visits the field to meet with our contractors in every state we serve to provide on-site training and support for our contractors. We appreciate the opportunity to meet and get feedback from our contractors and find this gives us valuable insight into what’s happening in field.

MFS Supply Discount Program

Laudan Contractors get a 10% discount with MFS (Mortgage Field Services Supply).

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