Inspection Services

Bankruptcy Inspections

Laudan understands the sensitivity of performing inspections on bankrupt properties. These inspections will include: exterior assessment of the property from the street including condition, occupancy status and documentation of issues that could lead to code violations or further damage to the property.

Borrower Interviews

Our field inspectors will attempt to make contact with the occupant of the property and verify if they are the owner, tenant, squatter, etc. They will also attempt to collect any additional information based on our client’s requirements.

Foreclosure & Occupancy Inspection

Our field inspectors are highly trained to determine the occupancy and condition of the property in order to protect your investment. They will take supporting photographs and document all damages.

Insurance Loss Inspections

Insurance claim? We’ve got you covered. Our field representatives will meet with homeowners, contractors, or both to review the status of repairs compared to an approved scope. Our final report will include the percentage of repairs completed and will be supported by detailed photos.

Natural Disaster Inspections

Nature happens, and we are here to help. Laudan field inspectors will be assigned to assess properties that may have been damaged by any natural disasters passing through the area and document their discoveries with photographic and written evidence.

Quality Control Inspections

Are you working on a special project, or would you like an extra set of eyes on a property? Laudan can help. Our field inspectors will perform a detailed quality control inspection to let you know exactly what is happening at your property.

Rush Service

Need an inspection in a rush?  We can help.  Laudan provides clients with rush inspections on an as needed basis.

Sale Date Inspections

At the foreclosure sale date, Laudan field inspectors will provide you with occupancy status, and will note if an eviction is necessary.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Inspections

Whatever your schedule, we have you covered.  Inspections can even be set up on a reoccurring basis to keep you in compliance.