Frequently Asked Questions

What information and materials do I need to get started as an inspector with Laudan Properties®?

Laudan Properties®, a mortgage field services provider, has an immediate need for qualified property inspectors to complete exterior occupancy inspections and interior condition inspections throughout the United States.

In order to apply for this position, candidates must have following items to perform the job:

  • A working computer with high speed internet connection
  • Fuel efficient, reliable vehicle
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Pass a standard background check
  • Current Automobile Insurance
  • Smart phone with GPS location technology capable of running industry standard mobile applications
  • GPS system
  • A W-9 as this is a subcontractor position

What does the inspector job entail?

Job Description:

  • Visual Field Inspections including exterior occupancy inspections and interior condition inspections
  • Daily QC inspections and route planning
  • Handle rush request based on client & company needs
  • Perform all types of inspections accurately and on time
  • Research bad addresses to locate the correct property location
  • Ability to upload photos and enter inspection results into company portal
  • Check email and inspections portal for new orders, returned inspections and updates at least twice daily
  • Available by phone for questions

How do you perform the inspections?

  • Provide answers to all questions based on individual inspection type
  • Make note of all other observed issues in comments field
  • Provide required photos to support your answers

Minimum Photo Requirements:

  • Street Sign
  • Property Address Number
  • Front of House
  • Both Sides — if possible
  • For Sale sign if present
  • Street Scene/Neighborhood View
  • Garage/Outbuilding/Pool/Hot Tub
  • Evidence of occupancy — car in driveway, debris, etc.
  • All visible damages, vandalism or code violations