Laudan Properties® Earns Award with Explosive Sales Growth


Twinsburg based Field Services Company honored by Cascade Capital Corporation

In recognition of their achievements in sales growth and job creation, Laudan Properties® LLC received the Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Award, marking the second consecutive year the company received the honor.

The Cascade Capital Award honors small businesses located in Summit, Medina, Portage, Wayne, Ashland and Holmes counties. To receive this award, Laudan Properties® LLC had to achieve sales growth of 100% over the past five years and/or add 50% or more full-time employees. Nico Cottone, the chief operating officer for Laudan explains the importance of winning the award for two years running.

“Achieving an award one year is good, being able to repeat that success is more noteworthy, Laudan met both of Cascade’s growth requirements. Our sales have grown 300% and we have more than doubled our team,” Cottone said.

Larry Finch, the Director, Community Planning and Development for the City of Twinsburg, recognized Laudan Properties® for the Cascade award.

“We work hard to attract and retain successful companies like Laudan Properties®, as they make Twinsburg’s industrial base stronger and more diverse. Twinsburg is proud to be home to high growth businesses like Laudan Properties®,” Finch said.

After landing their first nationwide bank client, Laudan Properties® expanded its contractor and inspector network from Ohio and Michigan to all surrounding states, rapidly increasing revenue and jobs. Kevin Weidinger, President of Laudan Properties® LLC, explained Laudan’s success and strategy that led up to the award.

“Banks, investors, servicers, and property managers look to Laudan because we offer a complete, residential solution; from inspections and property preservation to full REO services. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to help the client reduce maintenance costs and increase asset value,” Weidinger said.

“Our contractors and corporate staff have been the catalysts for our success and rapid growth. Laudan Properties® prides itself on recruiting and retaining bright, creative, and energetic associates, who are accountable and committed to our client’s success,” Weidinger continued.

Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio – Laudan Properties® LLC is a nationwide mortgage field services enterprise that specializes in: residential inspections, property preservation, and REO services for banks, servicers, investors, property managers and government housing agencies.


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Cascade Capital Corproation Business Growth Award