Senator Rob Portman sits with Ohio business leaders


Senator Rob Portman has been representing Ohio with common sense, conservative ideas since 2010.  He was most recently re-elected in 2016 taking over 60% of the vote and winning 84 of 86 Ohio counties.  Senator Portman was born and still lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was an entrepreneur with his father, brother and sister before turning his attention to politics.

Portman met with a small group of nine prominent Ohio entrepreneurs and business professionals including Laudan Properties' President – Kevin Weidinger.  The gathering was held at Cleveland's Union Club and was coordinated by Irwin Haber, CEO of PDI Ground Support Systems.  "Senator Portman is a great listener and is truly invested in carrying our voice forward to Washington to focus on helping businesses grow" stated Laudan's Kevin Weidinger.  While the meeting only lasted an hour and a half, the group covered a wide cross section of topics including: the Israel and Palestinian conflict to the incredible health of the economy which posted another record quarter of growth at 3.2% despite the government shutdown.  The group also discussed the supportive business environment that exists and how helpful the current administration has made it by reducing red-tape compliance and taxes corporately so all Americans benefit across all income ranges.

Senator Portman also updated the group on the administrations' drive to keep Americans safe by protecting securing our boarders, as well as insuring our military is properly equipped to handle any uprising on any continent.  "It's fantastic that our government leaders are focused on the real issues that help the country instead of getting sucked in on unsupported rumors and scandal that appears to occupy the democrats typical work day, can't we all just focus on the USA" finished Weidinger.  After lunch, Senator Portman was off to the airport to return to Washington DC.