Property Preservation Services

Code Violation Abatement

Laudan works hard in the communities we serve to mitigate violations and prevent neighborhood blight. We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by curing existing health and safety issues, as well as scheduling recurring services in order to prevent the potential for future violations. Laudan has an understanding of the unique and sometimes challenging rules and regulations that can cost a client money as Laudan works diligently with local code officers to ensure compliance.

Snow Removal

Weather happens. That’s why our team is equipped to swiftly remove snow in order to comply with local housing codes and to ensure any safety issues are prevented. All sidewalks, driveways and walkways are cleared and salted to provide safe access to the property.

Debris Removal

Exterior debris is one of the leading causes of code violations and can ruin a home’s curb appeal, while interior debris can quickly lead to mold and pest infestations. Laudan understands that debris removal needs to be handled quickly and with discretion. Our team ensures that everything from initial removal to any hazardous material disposal is handled in compliance with local, state and federal ordinance. 

Eviction Services

Laudan knows the eviction process can be confusing and emotional for property owners and servicers. That’s why we partner with local law enforcement for fast, reliable and professional eviction services. Once a property is no longer occupied we ensure the property is secured and that any personal belongings left behind have been properly addressed in accordance with state laws.  

HUD Conveyance

Laudan recognizes that delays and mistakes made during the conveyance process can be costly and time consuming to our clients. That’s why all of our conveyance field services are performed in accordance with the most up to date investor and insurer guidelines. This includes checking the property to make sure it is undamaged by fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake and any other natural disasters. This procedure also entails checking to make sure the property is secure, the lawn is maintained, all interior and exterior debris is removed, the property is broom-swept, and, if needed, winterized.  Our contractors understand the importance of quickly evaluating, documenting and reporting potential damages that could cause future conveyance issues.

Lawn Maintenance

Proper lawn maintenance is imperative to avoiding code violations and detracting from the neighborhood. Cut schedules can be arranged weekly, bi weekly, monthly or bi monthly. In addition Laudan offers weeding, edging, trimming bushes/shrubs, sweeping of paved areas, and the removal of any clippings that were created during our process. Our professional network performs all lawn maintenance in adherence to client instructions and the most recently published investor guidelines. Properties are also checked for any securing issues during each visit and an updated property condition report with photos is provided to the client to keep abreast of any changes.

Market/Property Analysis

At Laudan, we understand that having the most up to date information is crucial to making the best decisions on every property. That’s why Laudan partners with industry-leading providers of reports and analytics customizable to investors’ needs. We offer property valuation services, rental income analysis, market value comparisons and property tax reduction services. These services assist investors in the buying process with real time information on potential portfolios, and help reduce tax expenses post-acquisition.

New Tenant Preparation

Investors know that every day a property sits vacant costs them money.  It’s our priority at Laudan to provide quality rental turns within quick turnaround times. Laudan Project Managers work with our network of highly skilled contractors to keep tenant turns on time and within budget. We work with our clients to reduce overhead through standardized materials and bulk purchasing.

Pool Securing and Maintenance

Unmaintained pools can lead to discoloration, fungus, property damage, safety concerns and even drowning hazards. That’s why Laudan provides a full suite of pool services including: draining, refilling, acid washing, cleaning skimmer basket, pump baskets and netting, brushing, vacuuming and backwashing. In addition, we will make sure all of the equipment is repaired and test the pool water, adding chemicals if necessary. We also make sure to properly secure every pool to prevent unwanted damage to the property and reduce safety concerns.

Repairs and Rehab

From minor property repairs to full blown rehabilitation Laudan has you covered. Untreated damages to properties can lead to costly repairs if not addressed immediately. Laudan offers full exterior and interior renovation, plumbing services, roof repair, exterior and interior painting, electrical repair and replacement, flooring repair and installation, window replacement, HVAC services as well as other services upon request. Additionally, Laudan provides detailed estimates and works with our clients to prepare an appropriate scope of work that meets the needs of the client and the community. 

Securing and Lock changes

Unsecured, vacant properties can quickly become an eyesore leading to blight and city violations. Once a property is determined to be vacant Laudan takes the necessary steps to protect it. All lock changes are performed in accordance with investor guidelines and any specific client instructions. Depending on what stage of the foreclosure process the property is in different outcomes may be possible. For properties in pre-foreclosure a secondary door will be re-keyed, whereas post-foreclosure and investor-owned properties will allow for all locks to be changed. After a property is secured, Laudan will perform routine inspections to document any changes, damages or debris. Detailed reports with photo documentation support are then submitted to the client to keep them up to date on the asset. Laudan also offers additional securing options for high vandalism areas where a property may be at greater risk of break-ins. 

Window Boarding/Replacement

Safety on every property is our primary concern at Laudan. Broken windows can lead to injuries, vandalism and security issues which is why we take steps to ensure windows are properly secured. During pre-foreclosure this includes removal of any broken glass and boarding the windows to prevent break-ins. Once a property is foreclosed or investor-owned Laudan steps in to replace damaged windows, sills and frames to return the property back to market condition per client specifications and investor guidelines.


Properties located in cold climates are susceptible to the elements, and pipe bursts caused as a result of frozen water lines can cause thousands of dollars in damages.  Laudan winterizes all plumbing, both interior and exterior including draining any necessary elements, flushing water lines to ensure all water is blown out of the water lines, pressure testing systems for any signs of leaks, securing the water main in the closed position and adding antifreeze to all bowls, tanks, drains and traps.  We then secure all plumbing fixtures with stickers noting the date of winterization, contact information and instructions stating that the fixture is no longer functional without proper de-winterization. Laudan is able to winterize all types of plumbing fixtures including steam boilers, radiant heat systems, hot water tanks, outdoor fixtures, sinks and toilets.